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Helping children in Ukraine to learn first Aid skills.

From June 01, 2020, fundraising will begin in partnership with Rotary International. All funds raised will be used to help children: the purchase of disinfectants, protective equipment for orphanages, as well as the purchase of equipment for teaching children how to provide first aid. The assistance will be aimed at educating children how to behave in an emergency, saving lives for themselves and others, as well as providing children with the necessary means of protection. It is planned to cover 83 orphanages and shelters with this program and raise $ 58,210 for the necessary equipment and training for children. Every year, thousands of children die due to illnesses, accidents, disasters. And in most cases, they could be saved, thanks to the provision of first medical care. The project is just aimed at teaching children the rules of conduct in an emergency and the provision of first aid. Also, children will receive the necessary protective equipment and special simulators for practicing skills.

04 Jun 2020

expiration: 17 Sep 2020

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