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Helping children in Ukraine

17 Sep 2020

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Training of children in Ukraine in first aid

    Start Time 2020-06-12
Goal: €30,000




Funds Raised


Collection purpose in Euro

Today, no one needs to explain why life in the modern world is becoming more and more dangerous, unfortunately, did not become an exception in this sad trend.
However, we should clearly understand: injuries, burns, fractures, injuries, electric shock – all cases of "trauma“ - are not always the course of terrorism, fires or natural disasters. Any injury can happen in any "safe" place.
Then the account goes for a minute to arrive "fast". But in 40% of cases ambulance can arrive late ...






Project Aims

  • ■ To save children's lives and to teach them systemic help.
  • ■ To create a system for learning the practical skills of first child care and teachers in schools.
  • ■ To introduce the integration of the course from the first premedical care into the school courses "Protection and safety of life" and "Protection of the fatherland", which will be taught by already trained teachers of the same schools.
  • ■ Millions of children at school will be trained in emergency medical assistance within the courses "Protection and safety of life" and "Protection of the fatherland".








Our Support






What We Do

The acquirer of the project (put on your balance)
can ONLY state institution (a school, a high school).

After winning the project, the procurement is carried out through the Transparent System, which makes the project transparent and public.





What We Purchase

  • ■ Mannequin for the development of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in adults and children
  • ■ Training automatic external defibrillator with auto education option + brochure and technical specification
  • ■ Spray for disinfecting a mannequin
  • ■ Masks for safe ventilation of lungs for an unfamiliar victim during CPR
  • ■ Shoel-turnstile, elastic bandage, masks
  • ■ Orthopedic collar for immobilization of the cervical spine
  • ■ Rescue blanket (thermoclave)
  • ■ Bandage gauze, gauze band and much more ....
  • ■ The training is certified for teachers lasting 5 days for 8 hours a day (as a result, we receive an instructor-rescuer)







Strong Sides

  • ■ Collaboration with European-certified experts with 10 years of experience;
  • ■ Conduct a large number of trainings and exercises, through which students will be able to learn first aid not only within the project, but also for relatives and other people;
  • ■ Development and use of a mobile application for the distance learning of children;
  • ■ Similar systems-analogues exist in countries such as Israel, the United Kingdom, and the United States, which allows them to use their experience, working out 50-60 years, with the involvement of experts;




Our Future

  • ■ As a result of the project, children will be able to receive emergency medical care (until ambulance arrive);
  • ■ A large number of teachers and students will be trained and will be able to provide first aid promptly;
  • ■ Being a helper-volunteer will be honored and fashionable;
  • ■ Our project will become national, providing us to transfer our work to other areas (assistance to people with disabilities, old people, orphans, etc.).




Thank you for your attention!
We will be happy for your support and participation!
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